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Private Workshops

3 or 5 Day Private Metalsmithing Workshop Retreat

This is an ALL INCLUSIVE workshop experience that includes housing and freshly prepared gourmet plant based meals. Ms. Kennington has studied for years as a plant based chef and nutritionist. Students will have their own private upstairs apartment, and will have 24 hour access to the studio and a complete metalsmithing library.

This 3 or 5 day private workshop by Andrea Harvin-Kennington of Kennington Designs and NC BLACK Co will be held in her private, fully equipped studio in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. This is an immersion retreat. The student has the luxury to focus daily upon their work and class for the time period that they are here.

Ms Kennington offers many metalsmithing workshops including her Micro Shell Forming©®TM techniques she developed.  She is a master fabricator in the European tradition. She has fabricated production work for Betty Helen Longhi, the author of Creative Metal Forming, since 1995. Ms. Kennington produced a video with Interweave in 2014 titled Shell Forming for Jewelry Making with Andrea Harvin-Kennington.

Shell forming techniques are ancient and are an amazing way to add three dimension to your work. Opportunities to get real quality one on one instruction by a master are rare. Take this opportunity to learn new skills or hone your current ones in a wonderful environment.

Private workshops offered include,

Basic Micro Shell Forming, Advanced Micro Shell Forming, Full Scale Shell Forming including Anticlastic and Synclastic Raising, Bug and Botanical Forms, Tiny Containers, Texturing Metal, Figurative Raising, Micro Angle Raising (taught by Chuck Kennington), Cuffs Bangles and Neckpieces, Shell Formed Earrings, Chasing and Repousse (taught by Chuck Kennington), Galvanic Etching, Fabrication Tips, and Complex Soldering.

Inquire to discuss your skill needs today. 

Every private workshop is tailored specifically to each student. An upstairs private apartment with private bath is provided as housing. It is not handicap accessible. A fully equipped studio is available with 24-hour access. Andrea is also a trained gourmet chef and is well known for her amazing plant-based gluten-free meals and baked goods. All meals are included in the workshop. All students' dietary needs can be met. Email thru this website for more information.

All workshops include a tour of NC BLACK Co.

  • 3-day workshop – 9 meals included.
  • 5-day workshop - 15 meals included.
  • Travel to Mount Airy NC is NOT included.

Students get a 10% discount on all NC Black tool purchases for life.

Daily rate is $500 for instruction, $70 for room, and $50 for food.

A $620.00 nonrefundable deposit is required at booking. Remaining balance is due in full the week before the workshop date.