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Want to have your own metalsmithing tool design made for you?

If you have an idea for a hammer, stake, or other metalsmithing tool which doesn't exist or if you want to revive a discontinued design, NC BLACK can help make it happen.

Since our inception, we have worked with metalsmiths to develop and make their tools, including Betty Helen Longhi, David Huang, Jayne Redman, Steve Shelby, April Bower, and many other private customers. 

We can make quantities of 1 to 100 because we are a small boutique tool company. All made in the USA. 

Your design can be held privately by you and no more will be made, in which case we provide legal documentation for your protection.  Or, we can help sell your design on our website with you receiving a royalty or wholesale pricing depending on your preference. 

Contact us thru this website to begin today!